There are a ton of freelance designers out there, and I know we all start to look about the same after awhile. I bet you just want to find one who jumps out at you and says “this is the amazing freelance graphic designer I've been looking for.” If you're reading this, you've found her. Here's why I'm your best choice:

Aside from all the important stuff like years of experience designing and producing agency level work using the required software, I'm able to jump right into your workflow and be productive quickly and seamlessly. I can brainstorm, design, budget, present and produce practically anything, usually on a tight deadline, gracefully and with good humor. (That's important, especially on a Friday night)

I think about design all the time (my iphone is full of photos of creative inspiration: color combinations, typefaces, textures, good and bad restaurant menus).

I’ve got both left and right brain thinking…One allows me to work creatively with depth and emotion, the other allows me to work rationally and not freak out when the client wants it completely reworked for the 9am meeting.

I started out as a typographer back when it took a screwdriver to change a font. I'm equally comfortable AT my desk designing a new concept, or UNDER the desk troubleshooting my network.

And mostly, I have a reputation for being reliable, honest and talented – someone you'll actually like doing business with, simply because I love what I do.

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